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NASNet's bespoke solution positions bundle on Machar
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 11:00:00 EST

NASNet's bespoke solution positions bundle on MacharNautronix has completed a project with Subsea 7, one of the worlds leading subsea engineering and construction companies, for a NASNet solution to support positioning operations during a pipeline bundle tow out.

The project on BP's Machar field follows on from the successful use of NASNet by Subsea 7 on a similar bundle tow out operation on TOTAL's Jura field in 2008.

The high quality positioning and monitoring of the pipeline bundle during tow out is a key factor in achieving the offshore delivery schedule and NASNet is a vital component in meeting the demanding schedule.

Sales Director John MacLeod said: "Using NASNet technology in reverse was developed for Subsea 7 for TOTAL's Jura field and at that time our aim was to give them a solution along with bespoke NASNet bundle tow software module to meet future project requirements. We are delighted NASNet has proven itself on Jura and Subsea 7 has again used it on this project".

Nautronix NASNet system usually allows subsea positioning by deploying stations on the seabed in a network and using these to give position reference signals to position equipment within the water column. The company reversed this principle for the bundle tow out operation and instead track the position of the beacons on the bundle using the position of the vessel and numerous constraints, as a result there is one reference point providing full positioning rather than a network.

Managing Director Mark Patterson said; "We have always anticipated that NASNet would offer a variety of applications to the industry. We have invested over £12 million into the research and development of NASNet over the last 7 years and the success of solutions like the bundle prove the value in our continued commitment and investment into the system. Once again we are delighted by the proactive approach taken by Subsea 7 to use game changing technology in their projects".

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