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OceanTools choose Bowtech Products for SEA CON connectors
Date: Friday, February 13, 2009 @ 11:04:45 EST

OceanTools choose Bowtech Products for SEA CON connectorsA specialist hybrid subsea connector to carry AC and DC power and fibre-optic communications from the surface to a unique ROV system that The University of Limerick are developing in-house required a custom designed solution. OceanTools Ltd, based in Aberdeen, Scotland were awarded the contract.

Having worked closely with the University before to design and build custom pressure housings, OceanTools subsequently chose SEACON (europe) Ltd distributor Bowtech Products, as the company of choice for their specialist subsea connectivity and design.

This resulted in an optical hybrid mateable connector which has been fitted to the main ROV umbilical and junction pod. This connects using a range of other SEA CON connectors to the three other subsea pods on this specialist ROV.

Bowtech Products Ltd is the appointed distributor for SEACON (europe) Ltd for nearly twenty years.

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