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RESON is entering the next phase of development, whilst Allan J. Vestergaard res
Date: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 @ 11:00:00 EST

RESON is entering the next phase of development, whilst Allan J. Vestergaard resigns his position as CEODuring the last couple of years RESON has finalized the development of a large range of new advanced SeaBat multibeam sonar systems, based on RESON's 7K technology. RESON will now be moving into the next phase of development.

After ending the turnaround process, the shareholders, who include some of Denmark's leading private equity capital companies, will now move to the next phase of focusing on a stable and continuous growth of RESON. In spite of the present global economical situation, it is expected that RESON will increase profitability in 2009.

Allan J. Vestergaard has resigned his position as RESON CEO; the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Kim Graven-Nielsen will be the acting CEO and together with the Management team drive RESON forward.

Allan J. Vestergaard states: "I am proud that RESON today is a stronger and more prosperous company. The staff's enormous effort has truly secured the future of RESON - to the benefit of our customers, fellow employees and shareholders."

Mr. Graven-Nielsen states: "Allan J. Vestergaard has done a good job since he joined the company and today, we are looking at a very different and much healthier RESON. The Board would like to express its thanks to Allan J. Vestergaard. The shareholders continue to have great confidence in RESON and want to continue the ownership and future development of the company."

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