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Hafmynd delivers first Gavia Sonar Training Target to Danish Navy
Date: Thursday, November 06, 2008 @ 12:00:00 EST

Hafmynd delivers first Gavia Sonar Training Target to Danish NavyRecently Hafmynd successfully completed acceptance testing for the first ever Gavia Sonar Training Target (STT) to the Danish Navy for use in Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) training application.

The Gavia STT configuration combines a standard Gavia AUV with a DVL aided INS and a Sonar Transponder Module (STM) which is based on the Sonar Calibration and Training (SONCAT) from Scanmatic AS of Norway, packaged into a specially designed Gavia payload module. The SONCAT is a buoy based simulated target system for testing sonars at sea and is currently in use by the Danish and Dutch navies, and by NATO FORACS Norway and Greece.

The Gavia STT is designed to be operated from either shore or from a small boat and is operated through a modified Gavia User Interface and also can be controlled by an underwater telephone (UWT)

When in use the Gavia STT will appear to sonar operators as a submarine travelling with the speed of the platform and with a max target strength of 20 dB, typical of a medium size submarine. When an active sonar ping is detected by the STT, the received signal is modified by "highlights", amplified and returned nearly instantly (transmitting while receiving). The echo is typically manipulated to look like a real target with finite dimensions and several targets can be pre-designed and stored in the STT with different aspect angle. When the platform is programmed to turn into a new leg of its sailing mission, an echo structure representing the new aspect angle of the target can be commanded to the STT.

In addition the STT can output pre-stored pulses or pre-stored noise signals continuously or with intervals, and with varying level - either increasing or decreasing. This can be used for identifying a target among other targets, for simulating a torpedo attack or for warning surface ships when surfacing.

The Gavia STT offers a cost effective means of conducting ASW training versus traditional disposable systems and exemplifies the flexible nature of the GAVIA AUV system. The STT module and all other Gavia modules are field swappable permitting the reconfiguration of a single Gavia system to conduct such varied applications as hydrographic survey, autonomous pipe tracking, mine counter measures (MCM) to ASW applications.

According to Arnar Steingrimsson, Marketing Manager at Hafmynd Ehf: "The delivery of the first Gavia STT marks a major milestone for Hafmynd in the use of the Gavia AUV in a new and exciting application and we look forward to working with the Danish Navy and other navies in delivering a real value added component to ASW training operations."

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