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New easy-to-use HAIN
Date: Monday, October 13, 2008 @ 13:00:00 EDT

New easy-to-use HAINThe HAIN (Hydroacoustic Aided Inertial Navigation) system from Kongsberg Maritime has been criticized as having high user threshold, but the introduction of a new front-end should put an end to this criticism.

HAIN is an add-on to Kongsberg Maritime’s traditional acoustic positioning. It provides the user with stable and continuous measurements of position, attitude and speed. HAIN may often improve the quality of positioning by a factor of two or more.

The old system used text files to specify the settings of the system. Users had to open these in a text editor and manually edit the different entries. This usually led to many copies of the same text file, which was hard to keep track of. Careful checking of the text input was required as wrong settings were hard to identify and sometimes led to system malfunction.

The new HAIN user interface is now fully integrated into Kongsberg Maritimes APOS, which is the Acoustic Positioning Operator Station of the HiPAP (High Precision Acoustic Positioning) system. This means that HAIN operators can now set up and view all necessary settings for HAIN in a familiar way.

The interface also checks the operator’s input for obvious errors, and explains what values are available. A complete and context sensitive online help is also available from the user interface. This allows the operator to get immediate help while setting up the system, and makes the old hard-to-find paper manual more or less obsolete. The online help is also always up to date.

The new front end was released February of this year and was immediately very well received by both customers and Kongsberg Maritime’s own service personnel. The inherently complex system has from being difficult, now become easy-to-use.

The new front end of HAIN is available with releases HAIN 2.0 and APOS 4.8 and higher.

Kongsberg Maritime has also announced that HAIN will provide users with automatically post-processed data. The post processed navigation from HAIN is available to the user after a set delay. The length of the delay will determine the increase in quality (longer delay = better quality). Post-processing of navigation data greatly enhances the quality, sometimes by a factor 3 or more. As of today post processing of navigation data is done manually with dedicated software like Kongsberg Maritime’s NavLab. However this is often time consuming, and extra work. The feature will be fully available to customers towards the end of 2008. Interested customers may contact for details on this.

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