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Private sub surfaces in Monaco harbour
Date: Thursday, October 09, 2008 @ 09:00:00 EDT

Private sub surfaces in Monaco harbourExploring the sea bottom handling you own two or three person submarine. By launching its C-Quester 2 and C-Quester 3 the Dutch manufacturer U-Boat Worx makes this kind of underwater adventure available for private individuals.

The electric private subs the company developed can dive up to a depth of 100 meters. They are the first commercially available submersibles to be equipped with Lithium-Ion Battery technology to extend endurance up to 6 hours. The private submersible gives pilots, after having been successfully trained and certified, boat-like handling. The pilot and his passengers can submerge en surface without decompression.

The two-person C-Quester 2 has been specially designed for the super yacht market, where submersibles are becoming a must-have attribute. Its bigger brother can carry three persons. This model is created for high-end resorts and hotels to offer their guests something extraordinary.

Unlike other manufacturers U-Boat Worx is capable to engage in series production. Therefore prices of the C-Quester submersibles start from EUR395,000. These prices make our C-Q 2 and C-Q 3 models available for the private market, yacht owners and tourist industry," Erik Hasselman of U-Boat Worx states.

The futuristic designed subs are being officially launched this week on the Monaco Yacht Show 2008. Each individual C-Quester submersible will go through classification in accordance to the strict rules and regulations of Germanischer Lloyd, which is internationally respected for setting industry wide standards for shipping technology, safety, and quality.

All submersibles are fully equipped with various features, including a releasable safety buoy, jettison able weight, underwater communication, air conditioning system, altimeter, sonar, and optional video cameras and tracking system.

U-Boat Worx started developing mini submarines for private and tourist use in 2005 and has been expanding over the years. The company is dedicated to its vision to create "the safest, most reliable, and innovative 1-atmospheric submersibles that allow people to explore the underwater world."

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