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One sub found, another goes missing
Date: Saturday, May 29, 2004 @ 16:59:52 EDT

First the Americans lost contact with a remote-controlled mini-submarine during NATO exercises off Norway a week ago. It was found washed up on a beach Tuesday, but now a British mini-sub has gone missing as well. Officials are baffled.

A search was launched off Larvik, south of Oslo, on Tuesday after local police received a tip that the second missing sub had been spotted.

British military on board the HMS Penzance lost contact with the mini-sub Saturday during part of the military exercise "Blue Game" currently underway off southern Norway. Defense Department spokesman Thom Knustad said a breakdown in the sub's circuitry or conductors is suspected.

The mini-sub is used in connection with charting the seabed and searching for mines. Like its US counterpart, the British mini-sub is reportedly loaded with advanced and secret equipment valued at millions of dollars.

All vessels in the area were alerted to be on the lookout.

Meanwhile, the American sub was recovered on Tuesday, washed up on the shoreline south of Stavanger.

Arvid Jensen of the Rogaland Police District in western Norway said a man hiking along the Sola coast reported seeing "something that looked like a submarine" lying on the shoreline between the Rege Beach and the ├ślberg Beach.

The object had "Department of Navy" stamped on it. "He called us," Jensen told news bureau NTB, adding that police later dragged the sub ashore and then handed it over to Norwegian defense department officials.

They in turn were to deliver it onwards to US military personnel, who had unsuccessfully used their mine sweeper USS Swift and specially trained dolphins to search for it.

11 May 2004

Aftenposten Norway

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