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TrackLink Systems Reap Significant Worldwide Sales
Date: Friday, May 28, 2004 @ 15:35:52 EDT

LinkQuest's TrackLink USBL systems have expanded their worldwide popularity as manifested by a series of significant orders. Dr. Robert Ballard's Institute for Exploration has recently purchased a TrackLink 5000 system with 3 TN5010C transponders.

This system has been used to track a ROV at water depth of up to 3900 meters in a recent expedition with excellent results. Australia's CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) has awarded LinkQuest a contract for a TrackLink 1500HA system with 4 transponders after open tendering. Hydro Quebec of Canada purchased another TrackLink 1500HA system for acoustic positioning in dam inspections. Lockheed Martin and NASA have recently awarded LinkQuest contracts to supply TrackLink systems for AUV tracking and navigation. Codevintec of Italy has purchased a TrackLink 1500MA system to include the system in its leasing pool. LinkQuest has also delivered 4 TrackLink systems to US Defense Intelligence Agency to track the LBV ROVs manufactured by SeaBotix of San Diego, California.

With advanced Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum technology and significant cost reduction to end customers, LinkQuest's TrackLink systems have quickly become the world's best selling USBL positioning systems.

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