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Another milestone for Sonsub Int. with succesful completion of Peciko
Date: Sunday, May 02, 2004 @ 12:18:33 EDT

Singapore (April 2004) - Sonsub International Singapore announce the successful completion of a subsea pipeline removal project utilising the in-house built Diamond wire cutting module (DWCM) stationed at our Singapore facility. The DWCM is capable of cutting both concrete weight-coated as well as pipe-in-pipe steel pipelines from 8" to 36" in both a horizontal and vertical plane.

The project involved the supply and operation of the DWCM for client Saipem in the Peciko field, Balikpapan Indonesia. The interfield pipelines to be removed were 24" diameter plus concrete weight coat making a total cut area of 26" diameter. A total of 20 horizontal subsea and surface cuts were successfully completed using the surface controlled method.

The DWCM can be operated both using ROV technology and also by the use of divers. In this instance due to the shallow water the DWCM was configured in such a way that divers could locate the unit onto the pipe and secure it using the hydraulic clamping mechanism. After this initial operation the diver could then safely leave the area whilst the cut was performed thus providing a safe environment in which the programme could be completed.


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