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ORE introduces new USBL acoustic tracking system
Date: Thursday, March 27, 2008 @ 10:00:00 EDT

ORE introduces new USBL acoustic tracking systemORE Offshore has unveiled the new BATS (Broadband Acoustic Tracking System) USBL Acoustic Tracking System. BATS combines ORE's latest Broadband ‘CHIRP' based acoustic signal processing technology with our vast USBL tracking knowledge to produce our most accurate underwater positioning system to date. Easily tracking underwater objects from a moving vessel at significantly longer ranges than our legacy products, BATS is capable of meeting the most rigorous demands of today's underwater industry. Whether you are tracking a Towfish, an ROV, a Diver, or an AUV, BATS provides you with the solution you need.

The secret of BATS is a Broadband USBL acoustic signal processor designed to track up to four targets simultaneously. BATS utilizes DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to process complex acoustic signals for extremely long range and high accuracy. BATS is fully compatible with ORE's Trackpoint beacons, however longer range operation requires the use of the new BATS Beacons. In addition to tracking moving underwater targets, the BATS System is able to communicate with and control ORE's full line of acoustic underwater releases.

Like our well known Trackpoint 3 USBL System, BATS is available in several versions: As a stand-alone desktop unit, as a rack mounted unit, or in a portable, water resistant enclosure that interfaces to a PC or laptop computer.

BATS Rack Mount configuration.

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