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Seamor ROV keeps Nanaimo harbour safe
Date: Thursday, March 20, 2008 @ 09:00:00 EDT

Seamor ROV keeps Nanaimo harbour safeTo keep the waters surrounding the Nanaimo harbour secure, the Port Authority invested in a Seamor remotely operated vehicle.

The Port of Nanaimo purchased the system from Nanaimo-based Seamor Marine last summer to ensure that the harbour is safe from the threat of underwater explosives.

The Seamor is one of the newest ROVs on the market. The system is unique in the industry for its "work-class" feel, said Seamor President Robin Li.

The Seamor ROV is equipped with thrusters, a sonar and a positioning system. The system can be used in the offshore oil and gas industry, for aquaculture projects and for scientific research, as well as the security function it performs for the Port of Nanaimo.

Seamor ROVThe Seamor ROV technology was developed 17 years ago by Al Robinson, chief designer at Inuktun Services Ltd. and is currently sold by Li out of his Nanaimo office.

The unit uses up to three Crystal Cams - the low-cost, high-performance micro-video cameras developed by Inuktun. As the ROV uses a tether to descend to depths of up to 1,500 feet, it needs a camera to ensure it doesn't break or snare, Li said. "The Crystal Cam is like a rock. It's basically indestructible," said Li. "The picture quality is excellent."

Seamor Marine are the designers and manufacturers of Seamor, the versatile remotely operated underwater vehicle.

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