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Next-generation data logger-type sensor Infinity soon on sale
Date: Monday, March 17, 2008 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Next-generation data logger-type sensor Infinity soon on saleThe core products of Alec Electronics Co., Ltd., Compact series, will be thoroughly remodeled in this spring. In 2000, we launched the Compact series such as the EM-type current meter and CT instrument. Since then almost 8 years have passed. As being a memory medium used in Compact series products, the flash memory is adopted and controlled by built-in PIC. The greatest reputation has been given to Compact instruments both from Japan and abroad, because of their high stability, light weight, Compact and robust design, easy handling and low price. Now, almost all the Compact instruments have been sold with exceeding 5,000 units in entire 15 models. We would appreciate the users’ patronages to the Compact series products.

Once Compact series-products were put into market, we started to make this series advanced for easier handling and more convenient to users. For this goal, we have worked very hard to develop the next-generation logger-type instruments applying the state-of-art technology.

Herewith we would like to announce that the next-generation logger-type instruments have been completed based on the valuable feedbacks from many field researchers and our extremely advanced technology. The newly-developed logger-type instruments are named as Infinity with the unlimited potentiality. The design logo was adopted and multiplied by "Möbius strip" widely used as the unlimited image by Infinity.

The "Compact series" instruments will be replaced with the "Infinity series". First of all, turbidity meter, EM current and CT meters will be on line in sequence from April until the end of this year. We introduce the Infinity models that have already been examined in field test.

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