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Tooling Solution for 14,000' Depths
Date: Monday, March 15, 2004 @ 03:29:19 EST

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An Oceaneering Customer needed to recover and reinstall two water and gas sampling instruments from two different wellheads located offshore Costa Rica in over 14,100 ft. of seawater. The data acquisition equipment had been installed into the wellheads for additional depths of 450 ft. and 1,600 ft.

Oceaneering designed and built a subsea winch (photo 1), which was deployed from a research vessel's manned submersible and installed on the wellheads.

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An Oceaneering hydraulic torque tool (photo 2) provided the driver mechanism functioned by the submersible pilot. A quick disconnect tool (photo 3), also designed by Oceaneering, was attached to the winch line and allowed the submarine to easily connect and disconnect the instrumentation from the winch line.

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Source: Oceaneering Press Release

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