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Phoenix celebrates its 10th anniversary
Date: Friday, September 14, 2007 @ 14:00:00 EDT

Phoenix celebrates its 10th anniversaryPhoenix International, Inc., (Phoenix), a marine services company specializing in underwater operations and engineering, celebrates its tenth year of business this month. The company began with a staff of eight, conducting underwater ship repairs for the US Navy's Supervisor of Salvage and Diving.

Today, over 270 professionals serve a wide spectrum of customers found throughout the ocean industry. Phoenix continues to perform waterborne ship repairs for the Navy (and others), and has augmented its services to include underwater inspections and surveys, search and recovery missions, marine construction support, submarine rescue operations, and entertainment production assistance. In-house engineering expertise provides operations with technology and procedures to improve underwater work efficiencies. The multi-disciplinary engineering staff also designs products to meet unique needs, often incorporating the results of internal research and development in pressure tolerant electronics and high energy density secondary batteries and battery monitoring systems.

Phoenix has had the privilege to perform on a number of notable projects over the last 10 years; many were highly publicized and others not. Project examples include environmentally critical waterborne repairs of icebreakers in the Antarctic; underwater repairs of hurricane damaged offshore oil & gas structures in the Gulf of Mexico; identification and recovery of portions of the Israeli submarine, INS DAKAR; recovery of Japanese H-II rocket components from 3000 meter depths; the search for STS 107 COLUMBIA shuttle debris; recovery of the Australian's submarine rescue system, and recovery of the Adam Air 574 black boxes. Engineering design efforts included Phoenix's 6000 meter depth capable Remora ROVs; the diver operated "spider" used to recover the USS MONITOR turret; the miniature xBots used on the James Cameron / Discovery Communications documentary, "Last Mysteries of Titanic"; and the current build of a new 6000msw science ROV for NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration.

Recognition of the quality to which our employee's work was demonstrated by the election of Phoenix's IT Manager to the Federal 100 in 2005 for her on-scene development of a system that tracked and reported on the location and status of marine debris caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The Federal 100 is an elite group of individuals who have made an extraordinary contribution to the federal IT community. Phoenix was also the recipient of the Marine Technology Society's 2006 Compass Industrial Award for its contributions to the fields of oceanography, marine technology and undersea defense, and was selected by Marine Technology Reporter as one of the 100 Most Influential Subsea Technology Companies in 2007 (MTR 100).

Phoenix maintains offices in Virginia, Texas, Maryland, Louisiana, Hawaii, and California.

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