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Video Display to provide propulsion for unmanned underwater vehicle
Date: Monday, September 03, 2007 @ 13:00:00 EDT

Video Display to provide propulsion for unmanned underwater vehicleVideo Display Corporation (NASDAQ:VIDE) announces that its Lexel Imaging Systems, Inc. subsidiary has been awarded a significant contract by Pennsylvania State University, Applied Research Laboratory, for the design and delivery of a high performance 70 HP electric propulsion motor. This motor will provide direct drive power for the propulsion system in an Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (AUUV). Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory Advanced Technology Office provides technological advancements for undersea systems.

The motor, an advanced design permanent magnet solution, is one of the new product lines for Lexel generated as the result of several years of development by Lexel's engineering and R & D staff. The design incorporates a patented technology and provides the best motion solution where the highest efficiency, torque, and reliability are required. The motor being produced for Penn State is an axial gap or "pancake" style motor producing 460 pound-feet of torque at its rated speed. Lexel's custom fit motor was selected because of its ability to maximize torque production while extending the operating range of the submersible through increased efficiency.

The design characteristics of the Lexel motor make it ideally suited for a wide range of applications including servos, generators, pumps, hydraulic systems replacement, and actuators to name a few. The SEMA technology, utilizes an ironless core stator and a unique coil design allowing for more power, less weight, greater efficiency, and better control than other motors designed for targeted applications. Lexel is committed to bringing this advanced technology to an expanding customer base throughout the world.

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