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Horizon Offshore Contractors will lay a natural gas pipeline in Israel
Date: Sunday, March 07, 2004 @ 05:39:07 EST

The Israeli Electricity company awarded contracts valued at  US$ 100 million for the construction of a 30" natural gas pipeline between Power stations along the meditearnean coast, from Ashdod to Dor, a total of 92 KM. The water depth will be 30-40m and the pipeline will be in a trench. There will be connections to power stations and desalination plants along the way. The pipelaying contractors will be Horizon Offshore Contractors, the pipe lengths will be supplied by Corus (UK) and coated in Israel.

Published by on the 24/2/2004 translated and summerized from Hebrew.

Agreement signed for IEC to construct undersea gas pipeline The Israel Electric Corporation will serve as contractor, and hand over the project to the state.

David Hayoun      

  26 Feb 04  16:04

After disputes and delays, an agreement was signed today for construction of a gas pipeline at a cost of $150-200 million. A major part of the pipeline is undersea.

The main dispute pitted Ministry of Finance Accountant General Dr. Yaron Zalika against the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC). The IEC will serve as the contractor, using foreign and Israeli subcontractors, and hand over the project to the state.

Minister of National Infrastructures Joseph Paritzky brought the dispute between Zalika and the IEC to an end. In July 2003, following the failure of a tender for private developers, the cabinet decided that the IEC would construct the pipeline to its power station, but would not own the pipeline, in order to avoid cross-ownership in the natural gas sector.

The pipeline will carry gas from the Yam Thetis-owned fields off the Ashkelon shore to the Reading power plant in Tel Aviv, to a distribution point in the Atlit area, and to the Hagit power station near Yokne’am.

Under the agreement, the IEC will finance construction from its own sources, with repayment coming from gas transportation fees. The pipeline is slated for completion by December 2004, and connections will reach the Hadera industrial zone and Palmahim within three months after that. When the system is completed, 30% of Israel’s electricity will be powered by natural gas.

Paritzky said, “This agreement signals the Ministry of National Infrastructures’ intention to promote the use of natural gas for the production of energy. Gas is cheap. It encourages growth and competition, and is environment-friendly.”

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