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Sonsub to deploy a new advanced simulator in Aberdeen
Date: Friday, November 24, 2006 @ 15:25:07 EST

Sonsub to deploy a new advanced simulator in AberdeenSonsub LTD will set up a centre in Aberdeen for advanced training and simulation dedicated to the Innovator and other heavy-work class ROV systems. The hardware and software will be provided by a cooperation of General Robotics Limited (GRL), the leading supplier of subsea simulators in the UK and Sonsub's own research and development group in Venice. The system will be a bespoke installation of GRL's ROVolution software adapted to interface with Sonsub's proprietary Innovator control system.

The result will be a powerful and flexible package that will allow complex training and simulation scenarios, with accurate physic behaviours and hydrodynamic modelling, whilst maintaining the familiar Innovator ROV human interface system. This will also provide an advanced second-tier of training for Sonsub's operators in conjunction with the first GRL's simulator installed in Sonsub Singapore a few months ago.

Beyond operator's training, this new advanced system will have the capacity to perform "Mission Planning and Rehearsal" in a new way and to an unprecedented level of accuracy. A project team will prepare a complete 3D virtual scene of the subsea facility, and engineers, pilots and other off-shore personnel will have a chance to perform the intended operations in a simulated environment. This will give an invaluable opportunity to practice the best way of carrying out any task, exposing possible problems and allowing alternative strategies to be developed before the actual operations are carried out offshore.

Source: Sonsub

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