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Tritech SeaCorder Trials
Date: Thursday, November 23, 2006 @ 09:39:19 EST

Tritech SeaCorder TrialsThe new Tritech SeaCorder has successfully completed trials in the harsh environment of Icelandic coastal waters. SeaCorder is a battery powered autonomous deep sea video recording system that has been specifically designed to provide a compact and robust unit for capturing subsea video data. A prime application of SeaCorder, is oceanographic research for academic, military and commercial markets.

Tritech SeaCorder - Autonomous Video Recording SystemIncorporating an MP4 digital video recorder and 30 Gb hard drive, SeaCorder provides a versatile storage medium for up to 30 hours of high quality video data collection. The battery pack is able to power the system for up to ten hours.

Click here to view video captured by the Tritech SeaCorder.

Source: Tritech International

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