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Victoria Police establish Hi-Tech Underwater Security Team
Date: Thursday, November 09, 2006 @ 03:35:17 EST

Victoria Police establish Hi-Tech Underwater Security TeamThe Victoria Water Police of Australia have established a new team to combat terrorism and provide a rapid response underwater investigation capability. To accomplish the daunting task of protecting the ports the Underwater Security Team (UST) utilizes hi-tech equipment. Outfitted with side scan sonar, radial sonar and LBV200L2 systems the UST has the ability to conduct broad area searches and close up visual inspections.

Victoria PoliceEssentially the UST is able to map the Port of Melbourne using the side scan sonar. With targets identified from the side scan images the LBV is then able to quickly locate the target and provide a real time visual feedback. All of this information can be cataloged and used as a reference to determine if any changes occur hostile or not.

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