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Lightweight Pipeline and Cable Tracker
Date: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 @ 17:41:41 EST

Lightweight Pipeline and Cable TrackerSmartrak is a new family of lightweight pipeline & cable trackers from Innovatum. Smartrak is designed to be small and lighter than existing cable and pipeline trackers to allow it to be mounted on modern small vehicles. Smartrak is capable of tracking Passive Magnetic, Active AC (tone) and Active DC modes. Smartrak is design with the user in mind with the automatic calibrations validations and easy to use software.

Smartrak is smaller, lighter, simpler to operate and cheaper than previous tracking products from Innovatum, whilst still offering tracking in Passive Magnetic, Active AC (Tone) and Active DC modes.

SmartrakSmartrak can be fitted onto modern small vehicles which have not previously been capable of performing tracking tasks, due to the low weights, small sizes and low power consumption.

Smartrak uses new software, with automated calibration procedures giving simpler operation than previous magnetic systems.

Smartrak is supplied complete with a "Tritech" altimeter.

Smartrak is supplied in a single protective case, complete with laptop computer, software and manuals, all cables and a spare sensor.

Source: Innovatum International Ltd.

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