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Acas talks on Monday, but strike continues, says RMT
Date: Friday, November 03, 2006 @ 13:20:44 EST

Publication Date: Friday 3 November 2006
STRIKING DIVERS crowded into Aberdeen Trades Council club to demonstrate their "unbreakable resolve" to win pay justice, maritime uni0n RMT said today.

Talks aimed at settling the dispute are scheduled to take place through conciliation servcice Acas on Monday, but the indefinite strike which began on November 1 will continue, and there remain no diving supoprt vessels operational in the North Sea.

The uni0n also said that an emergency committee of divers had been set up to ensure that in the event of a genuine emergency involving a threat to safety an appropriate response could be mobilised immediately.

"Our members came to Aberdeen today and demonstrated that they are utterly united and share an unbreakable resolve to win justice in their pay dispute," RMT general secretary Bob Crow said after today's mass meeting.

"The divers have made it clear thar they are 101 per cent together and that there will be no diving in the North Sea until the dispute is resolved, and we made it clear to them that they can continue to count on 101 per cent support from their uni0n.

"There will be talks at Acas on Monday, and that is clearly a step forward, but there was no doubt from the meeting that the indefinite strike will continue.

"Solidarity messages have continued to pour in from uni0ns around the world, offering moral and practical support, but also pledging to see to it that there would be no personnel diving in UK waters until this dispute is resolved," Bob Crow said.

Source: RMT

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