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ASV 5500 vehicle ordered
Date: Saturday, October 28, 2006 @ 18:45:06 EDT

ASV 5500 vehicle orderedASV Ltd recently completed the design of a 5.5 metre unmanned semi-submersible surface vehicle for C & C Technologies Inc of the USA. Construction has recently commenced, with demonstration trials to NOAA planned for 2007.

 ASV 5500 vehicle orderedThe vehicle is to be fitted with a Klein 5000 side scan sonar plus two Kongsberg EM3002 multibeam sonars and is intended for commercial hydrographic survey activities. The navigation and sonar integration suite is to be supplied by C & C Technologies. The vehicle has been designed to operate at a speed of 8 knots with an endurance of two days in rough sea conditions, primarily in shallow water areas off Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

The accompanying picture shows an artists impression of the ASV 5500 currently building in the USA. The vehicle is powered by a diesel engine driving a large, slow turning propeller, giving an operational speed of 8 knots and a maximum speed of 10 knots. It is fabricated from marine grade aluminium giving a rugged and low maintenance construction, essential for reliable regular deployments from a mother-ship.

October 23, 2006

Autonomous Surface Vehicles Ltd. (ASV)

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