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Inspection: El Faro May Have Suffered a Boiler Explosion

On Friday, the Marine Board of Investigation hearings into the loss of the El Faro continued with testimony from a deck officer who served on the ill-fated vessel. 

Former El Faro third mate Alejandro Berrios took the stand to testify about the ship's operating practices and safety culture. Board member Keith Fawcett asked him about a series of logbook entries that showed Barrios had been working long hours while serving on the El Faro, and Barrios said that he had not been aware of federal rest requirements at that time. However, he said that the El Faro's captain, Michael Davidson, would offer to stand watches if any of the mates were feeling fatigued – even if they were meeting their required hours of rest.


Inspection: The Lost Expedition of Sir John Franklin

For the first time since it was lost, HMS Erebus has been examined inside and out to lend clues into Franklin’s tragic expedition


Inspection: ORCHIDS Project to Improve Subsea Cable Monitoring

 Fraunhofer UK, Synaptec and the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) have teamed up to develop a new way to address cable and electrical infrastructure integrity within the marine renewable energy industry.


Inspection: The Power of One Percent

It is very easy for companies to fall into a habit of “this is how we have always done it” or “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” There are many articles, motivational posters, white papers, blogs and cartoons all across the online media world outlining the downfall of stagnation in business. There are also many more advocates for innovation now compared to previous decades, most likely due to all of the content pushing innovation on us.

Via: Cody Warner, Deep Trekker Inc. 


Inspection: Scientists Find Fish, Crustaceans under 740 Meters of Antarctic Ice

Researchers from the Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling (WISSARD) project have uncovered a unique ecosystem of fish and invertebrates living in an estuary deep beneath the Antarctic ice.


Inspection: MacArtney connectivity helps land UFO in the North Sea

Spearheaded by oceanographic experts from German Group Operations MBT GmbH, MacArtney has delivered the full connectivity package for the innovative UFO (Underwater Fish Observatory) that was recently deployed in the North Sea.   


Inspection: Cortez Subsea announce exclusive contract with Inspection Software Company MCS

Cortez writes:  

Cortez Subsea announce an exclusive contract with Egyptian information solutions firm, MCS.

MCS has been developing and providing data acquisition and management software services for underwater inspection to meet the needs of oil and gas companies for 14 years.  The agreement means the Aberdeen-based business is the only licensee to distribute and operate MCS software in the European Union and Africa.


Inspection: MacArtney Empower DCN Diving Power Plant Inspection Project

 In early December 2012, Dutch subsea service provider, DCN Diving, required the assistance and service of MacArtney Benelux, to co-design, build and deliver an extensive range of underwater technology equipment, for use on a major project.


Inspection: Tritech's RAMS™ FPSO Technology Offers Full Feasibility Study

 Tritech, the underwater technology specialist, has developed its 360° real-time anchor-chain and riser integrity system for Floating Production Storage and Offloading Units (FPSOs) to include a full design service that ensures optimum deployment.


Inspection: NEXUS IC and IC Inspection Offshore Operator Training Courses in 2012

 The one day “Offshore Operator Training” course will cover the following software applications which are developed by WGIM:


IC-Inspection (previously known as Inspection Manager)

On-line data acquisition of inspection data during diving and ROV inspection operations of subsea structures, equipment and pipelines

NEXUS IC (previously known as AIM)

Offline inspection data and video review

Track repositioning

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