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ROVworld Subsea Information: September 2006

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· General: Deep-sea treasure lures salvage firm
· General: Research expedition reveals details of submerged wreck of historic naval airship
· AUV NEWS: C- Surveyor III AUV Scheduled for Gulf of Mexico Delivery
· General: North Sea Divers' Pay Row Reaches Impasse
· General: High Voltage Training Syllabus
· Contract Awards: ODIM wins NOK 45 million subsea contract
· ROV NEWS: VideoRay plays key role in investigation of lost underwater city in China
· General: DMT Inks Long Term Agreement for Ocean Pioneer
· General: Silvercrest supply 260kW submersible motors to CTC Marine Projects Ltd.
· First Centurion QX ROV delivered to Subsea 7
· General: New pay talks as North Sea employers try to avert strike
· General: High demand in subsea sector lifts Hallin
· ROV NEWS: Acergy Expands ROV Fleet with Third Ultraheavy-Duty Schilling UHD™ System
· Offshore News: BP Says That Repair Of Subsea Equipment Will Delay Thunder Horse Until 2008
· Offshore News: North Sea Divers Vote For Strike
· Contract Awards: Fugro Pelagos wins multiple NOAA orders in USA
· General: Scientists remove Hunley's rear hatch
· General: Full speed ahead at Oceanteam
· General: Odyssey Marine Exploration Selling Gold and Silver from SS Republic
· General: IMCA guidance on travel security for the offshore industry
· General: Olympic Commander chartered by Canyon Offshore
· General: North Sea Output To Tumble, Claims Union
· General: UK subsea sector to create 3,000 jobs
· General: Ocean Expedition Explores Submerged Wreck Of Historic Naval Airship USS Macon...
· Survey: LinkQuest Releases FlowQuest Acoustic Current Profilers
· Survey: Scientists map canyon below Atlantic
· ROV NEWS: TS Marine expand choosing SMD Hydrovision Quantum 150shp ROV systems
· General: Deep Ocean ASA Aquires CTC Marine Projects Ltd
· Contract Awards: i-Tech Announces Major Contract Awards
· Inspection: W&W Marine Completes Offshore Pipeline Inspection
· General: Fugro NV acquires Rovtech Ltd.

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