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ROVworld Subsea Information: August 2005

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· Inspection: Digital Video Storage
· Science & Hi Tech: SERPENT forms New Alliance
· Contract Awards: Oceaneering Announces Ocean Intervention Term Contract
· ROV NEWS: Sub-Atlantic Limited to deliver 6000m ROV to Subsea Resources Plc
· General: Sonavision Ltd announce first deliveries of TITAN Scanning Sonar
· ROV NEWS: Ever Expanding AC-CESS – 3 More Distributors Sign For the AC-ROV
· General: Tsunami Investigation at 3-Mile Ocean Depths
· Subsea Resources PLC Update
· General: Alvin's pilots
· ROV NEWS: Scorpio 45: The UK's deep-sea rescuer
· ROV NEWS: UK rescue vessel lands in Russia
· General: U.S. helps Russians trapped in sub
· Russian bathyscaphe traped in fishnet at 190m
· Offshore News: Subsea 7 sell “DSND Surveyor”
· Exhibitions: UK Videoray Conference - UKVC '05
· ROV NEWS: Phoenix xBot collects unprecedented video with RMS Titanic

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