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West coast dive services company SeaVeyors marks 5th anniversary

Posted on 29.09.2011 - 10:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

West coast dive services company SeaVeyors marks 5th anniversaryUsing the latest in ROV technology and WCB certified dive techniques, Seaveyor Environmental and Marine Services Ltd. provides commercial dive services to business and industries on the west coast of North and South America. Whether it's investigations of marine accidents, complex search and recovery work, general maintenance for commercial vessels and aquaculture, or scientific and research work for species inventory and environmental surveys, Seaveyors has the equipment and certified and experienced specialists available.

A dive services provider located on North America's west coast, operating out of Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast and serving private individuals, companies and governments from Chile to Alaska, SeaVeyors Environmental and Marine Services Ltd. heads into its sixth year of business at the forefront of the marine industry.

Utilizing the latest in ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) technology, the highly experienced team at SeaVeyors offers solutions for a broad range of industry needs, including: marine accident investigations and recovery, aquaculture surveys, outfall inspections, anchor and mooring surveys, reservoir and dam inspections, spawn monitoring, biological sampling, soft bottom sampling, and peak biomass surveys.

SeaVeyors services can assist governments, environmental organizations, aquaculture companies, private vessel owners, marine services providers such as tug & barge operators, and marina and dock owners - all with the Seabotix ROV model LBV300S2 and/or WorkSafe certified diving associates.

From providing 270-degree field-of-view cameras with variable intensity external lighting aboard the ROV to a three-jaw grabber and USBL tracking system with GPS for the topside pilot, the ROV technology has assisted companies with diverse needs ranging from marine accident investigations, search and retrieval tasks, and maintenance contracts to the latest in environmental surveys and scientific reporting tools.

SeaVeyors also provides highly rated maintenance services to the North American marine industry: underwater marine growth removal utilizing rotating head for net surfaces or zero thrust wants with turbo nozzles for barges, floats, pilings and docks. The dive services are headed by SeaVeyors president Darren Horler, a WCB Certified Occupational Certified Diver with 10 years of general experience and 6 years in environmental and research dive techniques.

"With our Seabotix LBV300S2 ROV we can operate to a depth of 1000 ft., and our expertise in diving, fisheries, biology and government reporting, we are uniquely positioned in the commercial dive services industry on the West Coast of North America," said company President Darren Horler.

One notable contract over the past year was a body recovery mission in Argentina lasting over two months, during which the ROV was used to penetrate a sunken resort boat believed to contain the body of a passenger. The ROV was used to remove debris to enable a full visual survey; it was determined the passenger must have escaped while the boat was going down, and that significant lake currents likely took the body to depths beyond recovery.

Another example of SeaVeyors' value to clients had a happier ending - a coastal BC tug company had just returned to work after dry dock and a $20,000 prop spun off the shaft and dropped to the ocean floor. The tug company purchased a replacement and carried on. 2 months later SeaVeyors was working on the same site and the story was related to president Horler, who suggested the SeaVeyors ROV be used to locate and retrieve the 200lb+ brass prop from 500 ft. of water. The tug owner was delighted with a recovery fee 10% of the cost of purchase price and now has a brand new spare prop as backup.

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