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Seacon announces new 66 Series reverse gender underwater connectors

Posted on 10.06.2010 - 12:00 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Seacon announces new 66 Series reverse gender underwater connectorsSeacon (europe) Ltd is pleased to announce the release of a new range of underwater electrical dry-mate connectors to enhance the existing 55 Series. The new 66 Series of reverse gender connectors enable power to be applied to the bulkhead connector yet still be safe to use. Manufactured utilizing tried and tested methods and materials, this new range will also incorporate shorter locking sleeves to ensure easier mating capability.

Other key features also include:

• Manufactured in the United Kingdom
• Industry Standard Compatibility
• Proven Sealing Technology
• Heavy Duty Stub Acme Threads
• Pressure Rated Blanking Caps available

The 66 Series is currently available in two shell sizes; 16 and 20 with two configurations (8#16*/13#16), however more configurations will be added to the range if required.

This new connector range is suitable for a variety of applications including ROV's, underwater cameras, diver communications, lights and pan and tilts.

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