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This is one carried over from the old forum

We put this whole site together on Laptops. We both have touch pads and there isn't a standard desktop PC in the place. I have to admit that we both use radio mice with scroll wheels, and take them offshore with us when we go. I, for one, hate using touch pads!

I can see what you are saying and, whilst we concur to an extent, can only offer a few suggestions by way of a user fix.
Use shortcut key commands to get around...

Go Back: Alt+Left Arrow
Go Forward: Alt+Right Arrow
Refresh: F5
Your arrow Up & Down keys scroll the page vertically either way.

When you first enter the Forum there are some text links (to the top right) that offer:

View posts since last visit (we didn't have that in the last forum because the option that seemed to offer this only showed you posts that had been replied to, but not new posts)
View your posts
View unanswered posts

The above is a set of useful options if you have been offshore for a while and want to play catch up on what's been posted since you last visited.

Our intention is not to keep people on the site by means of difficult navigation and, given how many features the site has (do not read 'site' to just mean the Forum) we feel that the navigation isn't too bad.

If you feel that I haven't answered your observations/suggestions in full please fire off a reply to this post and we'll see what we can come up with.

I have to ask this though.... is anyone else finding navigation a bit difficult? If so can you respond to this thread and let us know what, if any, problems/suggestions you have.
Gina McLauchlan
Webmistress & Forum Admin

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