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The Reverse Osmosis Water Systems residential owners use are extremely limited. All of the mineral composition has already been removed, so what is your system actually doing other than running your electric bill sky high? You are still in need of additional filtering, so if you haven''t already bought one of these systems, then you should just forgo it.
There are far better methods of protection than residential Reverse Osmosis Water Systems. A home water purification system with a granulated activated carbon and multi block filter will remove all of the dangerous chemical contaminants that the R.O. system fails to remove.
If you want to rid your water of the biological health threat, then a unit that features a sub-micron filter is in order. Microscopic parasites and bacteria that were not removed by the chlorine disinfection process can come back to haunt a reverse osmosis systems residential owner, but can be effectively eliminated by sub-micron technology.
To learn about the system that my family and I use in our home, I invite you to visiting my informative website listed below. If you are interested in chlorine dosing system, please check our website at details.
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Add: Room 412, Xianglu Building, No. 3009, Gudai Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China

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