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Hello All

Just been looking around on the web to find the cheapest ROV course. So far was somewhere in Italy for about 5000 euro

Can anyone recommend or suggest any cheaper ones ?


Just looking for the cheapest possible option including accommodation and tickets from Europe
Nice to see you on Rov world please read all topics on training on ROV Rookie Corner . For starters it is not a mandatory requirement that you do a Rov course if you already have experience in electronics or hydraulics your half way there most of the main line companys will put you through there own in house training program .

If you take your time and read all the topics regarding rov training your also find that your wasting your time even thinking about a career in the Rov industry due to the fact that there are thousands of experienced rov personnel all looking for rov work some have been on the beach for 18 months plus .

As for doing a Rov couse yes you may do your course and spend a few thousand pounds however will you find a job \" NO \" Your be sitting on the beach like many others reading this topic .

Yes if you go onto many of the Rov forums you may find rov personnel requirements however most require you to be local or hold a current visa or have experience on certain vehicles , Plus your also find many agencys just trawling for peoples Cvs with fake job requirements .

So just take your time and read all the old topics as all that your asking has been debated hundreds of times over the years but your one of thousands who thought it was staight forward . You have got more chance of winning the lottery than getting into the Rov industry at trainee level .
Hello Raptor

Thank you for taking time and putting down a reply

But my question still stands. What is the cheapest ROV course around at the moment ?

Sorry but my reply is the same \" You do not need to do ROV couse \" Who on earth would want to pay when its not a requirement ? Should you still want to spend your cash on doing a course then just go to a search engine and type in Rov course .

There are many that will take your money and run ! but like I said it will not help you get a job , Over the past 40 + years I think I have got many into the industry and none of them had done a so called Rov course but they all had experience in electronics or hydraulics . If you wish to spend your money on certs then your need your OPITO for oil + gas work , GWO certs for wind farm work your also need a OGUK medical . The client might also require other certs like MIST or a HV cert .

Should you wish to check the requirements for working in the rov industry please check with IMCA so drop this guy a email , But if you think by doing a Rov course is your way into the rov industry its not , If you ask the same question on many of the Rov forums on facebook your be told the same I might also add if you dont have experience in electronics or hydraulics your going to have a very hard time understanding any course .


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