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Hi all ok got this email yesterday from said company ROVPR from someone called Nerva.

I like everyone else understands things are pretty quiet right now but this was disgusting to be offered this rate especially as i where i am i would have to pay 20 percent tax.

I told them to shove it politely and wished them all the best in finding someone who gives quality in there work for this rate.

I know people need work and money (me included) but this is the sort of thing that will mess it all up for us with people taking these extremely lowed paid jobs, hang in there guys it will get better.

I also could not find any company info nor anyone else could comment about them

email below

ROVPR Crew <crew> Jan 28 at 12:04 AM

Message body
Hope this email finds you well
We have engaged with some projects in the Middle East with day rate 200 - 250 USD for ROV Pilot due to the quiet status of the current market at this moment
Please confirm accepting day rate of 200 - 250 USD
Best Regards
ROVPR Offshore Services
ROVPR | Offshore Services Ltd. Co.
You only have to look briefly at their website to see what sort of outfit they are, they can't even spell "field" correctly. Laughing
Thanks for sharing, I quickly moderated your comment as there are no names allowed on the forum.
I also saw on linked in from a friend that they were offering 350USD a day for supervisors.

This company is clearly taking more than the usual 15-20% agencies usually charge and are trying to bank on desperation.

I understand that they too are suffering and that they probably do this in order to remain afloat.

Thing is Agencies now have this attitude that we work for them when in fact they work for us...

10-15 years ago, a guy from an agency would be paid more to compensate for the higher risk of job irregularity.

Now that they have been flooded by ROV hands the agency workers are usually paid less then staff operators.

More and more the more qualified hands have transferred to staff positions and what remain in agencies are weaker professionals. This affects the reputation of ALL agency guys quite negatively.

I've used agencies a couple of times and found that by the time I got offshore, I had to fight this stigma that I was incompetent.

I've also been on the hiring side and used agency guys to fill my crewing gaps and what I got was not impressive at all.

Such a shame to see how this side of the industry has fallen to such standards.

If Agency guys start going for such low rates, they will collectively loose the little credibility they have left.

In my opinion, Agencies such as this one are digging their own graves...

Can't fight human nature I guess.
DT AMANDA apologies for that noted

Chewy nice post there i agree totally, there are low rates and then there is taking the piss and these guys are defo the later.
Already discussed on here back in 2014

Very funny how their name is easily confused with the well known Agency PR Offshore (Proffs).
As a recruitment consultant working in this area, I too find ROVPR's messages very unprofessional and ridiculous.

As well as sending out mass emails (like you received), trying to push down professional's day rates, they also spam out CVs to agencies & companies alike. Not only does it damage their name as an agency, it damages the professionals name who they're sending. I've received several CVs from them in the past in response to adverts I've put onto LinkedIn, and the CVs they send are never right for the positions.

Any good recruitment consultancy will be part of a professional body like APSCo, REC or IOR. Look for this on their websites, as a sign of trust.
Massive short termism as well by these agencies.

With rates like that, you are unlikely to get the better guys. When you send me someone who is a walking disaster, your agency gets blacklisted along with them. No shortage of good contractors at the minute.

Way the industry right now, you should focus on quality. It's not 2010 anymore, when a few solid techs can carry the idiots because there is so much work and not enough warm bodies. You might make 40% of a crap guy for 4 weeks, but I won't touch you again. Best to make 20% off a good guy who gets a regular rotation.

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