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Just had a call from an Agency looking for an ROV Supervisor. The job description was pretty much run of the mill stuff so naturally interested I asked what the day-rate was. 300 GBP came the reply...!!! Now would this be an agency trying it on, or are guys actually working for this? I sincerely hope its the former as if people are working for these rates it'll ruin things for everyone.
Definitely sounds like 'Desperate Dan'
material. Did you by any chance request details such as geographical location where work would of taken place, system description, work scope, full door to door travel payments etc, etc as per the norm, amongst others?

Let it be known exactly who these chiggers are. For that pathetic offered rate, the worthy and experienced amongst us would probably brush canines, clean the crap out of the eyes and polish the olde brown eye afore each shift only. This is purely another wee example of how body shops are hitching a robbery ride off of the wrong people's backs yet again and are scoring indefinitely from exploitation.

Get back to your post and let it be known so that we all become none but the wiser at the end of the day.

Safety First + Foremost.
I heard IV Offshore are offering bad rates ............ Anybody the wiser ?
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Sadly Pete, people are desperate. I agree with you that it will destroy our credibility but so many people have forked out uneccesary money for unneeded courses. So here we are. Don't want to harp on about it but ROV guys not reachng agreement on some coordinated body when the opportunity arose have made their bed and are now laying on it, or rather in it. We are at the mercy of sharks and liars making big money. I bet the rates you are hired out at have not altered and when an Inexperienced, cheaper guy, is used in your place (after submitting your CV as a demonstration of the quality of their supervisors) do they drop their charges to reflect it - doubt it.

Jefferson said, "make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you"
I think your all looking form the wrong angle " There is No Job "

Many of the clients I speak to they all tell me its dead , When up pops Ivoffshore telling me they have a job for that company when I know there is no job , This seems to happen about once a month .

All there doing is fishing for information " Send me your CV " , " What is the lowest rate your work for "

From looking at the Divers forums there doing the same thing there and like you there all saying the same thing regarding rates .

When they phone or email you next time accept there silly job but I think your find they will pull there " Get out of Jail Free Card "

Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry in which we work, we endeavor to provide our clients’ with the contractor they require in the shortest timeframe possible. We aim to keep our live jobs as up to date as possible however there may be occasions that the job you are viewing is no longer available. For a discussion about currently available roles, please contact us.

" Sorry the post has been filled "

All there doing is " increasing the size of their database " even if you request your cv to be removed .

Trust me if you saw a ad on this forum or on some other web site you would send off your Cv and certs , We all would even if the job was fake .

The problem is when Rov personnel requirements do arise you wont know if the ad is real or fake
Are would that be

IV Global again with low rates.

Under cutting the work force wonder how they will make a profit when trying to place workers in car industry and Rail both which use Onions for looking after the rates.
..but at least IV are consistently crap.
Even when it was flat-out, their rates were the lowest, so you can't really knock them, just don't use them - simples.

There is work out there for freelancers, couple of shouts form SSPro and Oceanscan to name a few, but rates were around the 400 mark for Supv, which I'm sure some would accept.

Andy summed it up - They've got us by the nuts...until the day when ROVers can or will unite
I was on the kettle!
If the projects they were offering were real , Then the rates are poor but that is only half the issue since there is no job so it does not matter if the rates are low or high .

What is the best way to cold call someone offer them work " Can you send me your up to date CV plus what is your bottom rate that your accept "

Just look back on the old emails or calls that you have received over the past few months and your see what I mean .

As far as rates go and getting all rov personnel to join some sort of union it will never happen due to the flood of trainees just look back at the archives on this site . Even if we were part of a union like the divers are with the RMT it does not guarantee you the agreed rates if you go to many of the divers forums your see what I mean . All company's are cutting costs in any way they can . But yes there is work out there if you dig around .
In the end this industry is cyclic and rates follow.

Right now we're at an all time low.

It's nothing personal, its basic economics. Union or not, people do what they can to survive.

Next time the cycle goes up, as it always does. Cash in and plan for bad times.

This is the reality of our industry.

Don't fret too much about the overabundance of trainees, the client's requirements are getting more and more stringent.

It's near impossible to get a trainee's cv approved especially when there are so many experienced hands sitting ashore.

My best advice right now: Sell your toys, tighten your belt and get what job you can at a salary that suit your needs. Go do some back packing, live as a beach bum in Thailand, etc. Try and enjoy life as you can until the industry gets back on its feet. That is what you signed up for when you made this horrible decision to have a career offshore...

I have just come of a good 6 week job on a decent rate 3rd job this year , and im on a rotation till june 2016 now which is a relief as this year started very thin ,,, ,

just got home and 2 agents called me about a job supervising a cougar in the baltic next month but the rate for supervisor is £300 and its not IV offshore ,,, thats a joke rate but its a real job ,,some desperate guy will do it I guess .

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