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Hello Folks,
I've received that vacancy from a company called Edwin Drakes based in UK and promoting for a role of ROV supervisor on Video Rayjavascript:emoticon('Shocked') in Nigeria for a company called Russel Smith Group...
A Skype interview has been agreed - and already been postponed by my contact for un unknown reason - but i am kind of spotting a sort of scam.
For those who may have worked with this company, thanks for letting me know so that i can transfer that subjetc to the 'Danger Zone' section.
Edwin drake is 100% on the level there full contact details are :-

Edwin Drake

Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon St, London WC2N 4JF

DL: +44 (0) 2037589623

I am also aware of the ad from them :-

I wanted to reach out to you as I am currently working a number or roles for an organisation based in Lagos who are looking to recruit an ROV Supervisor & Technician.

In order to be considered for the role you must have had experience working with ROV Video ray pro 3 or 4.

Please let me know if you have had experience using the above and if you would be interested in the above positions

I look forward to your response

Kind regards

Alex Crump
Marine Consultant

As for Russel Smith Group that also is on the level

As for your postponed Skype interview ,Due to most company's trying to cut the cost of personnel they may have found someone more local .

With the current price of oil dropping even lower many clients are putting projects back till 2016 + 2017 . If projects do not kick off now there will be nothing until March / April 2016 .
Thanks for that one Raptor; as their approach seemed a bit odd compared to other manning agencies i was looking for an external point of view. Using a Video ray for O&G ops might look unprofessional but, thinking it over , i've worked with seabotix and Falcons on similar jobs....

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