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I have a problem retrieving wages from my last agency for time spent in hospital due to a work related injury.
Can any body recommend good offshore lawyers in the UK to take up my case. The work was overseas but the agents are British.
Do they all charge 30% commission or can they take on the case and claim from the company?

Name and Shame, company names are allowed.
Like I said in my PM until you speak with a lawyer its best not to make the details public .But its not the first time this has happen and it wont be the last.
Are you sure you have a British Contract?

Having being employed from a British Agent don't mean you have.

As for sure I don't always get one.
Well its a contract from Guernsey if that counts. The agency works from the UK.
I am making enquiries with lawyers in the UK but will not mention any names right now.
I have been advised and fully believe that the insurance company wont pay until they are forced too. The fact that the contract says the company will pay and doesn't mention waiting for an insurance company annoys me to say the least! The company is not interested at all.
thats a nasty situation to be in ,, its easy to work out which of 3 agencies is most likely the UNSUB,

hope you get it sorted if your claim is legit .. im guessing the amount owed is above £5k so small claims court is no good you will need a civil court judgement and a high court writ for payment, they cant get out of paying that .
A Guernsey Lawyer will be more aware of the contract you were employed under as your agent did not work it out themselves they have used legal representatives to design your contract and it terms.

A lawyer wrote your contract who is aware of contract law and it terms.

Not so many lawyers dealing with Guernsey law in UK as its different from our laws there is special terms in labour contracts not only taxes which is why offshore workers and seaman and other worldwide workers from UK get contracts from there.

A UK law firm with offices in Guernsey would be also fine to use but I would not use a lawyer in UK without an actual office there.

As the work is going to have to be done there in Guernsey.
HI Liddelljohn, you can double the 5K at least unfortunately so I am not too happy and would much rather have it in my bank balance than theirs!
Thanks deepseacon for your advice about the Geurnsey lawyers. I will throw some feelers out in that direction and see what response I get.

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