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Hi everyone,

For some background - I am from eastern Canada and have been working in an onshore role supporting offshore oil operations for about two years now. After talking to a lot of people in the industry - I have become very interested in ROV.

Locally, it seems many people go study here:

The program includes an 8 week work term, simulators, technical sessions, as well as academic sessions. It also covers BST etc.

Based on the link above, would you consider this training adequate to enter into this field?

Thanks in advance,
Your previous background is the first question.

For example do you think if someone with no technical qualifications or experience did this course it would get them a job? Almost certainly not.

You first need to look at what technical qualifications and experience you have already before considering any rov specific training course.

Ensure you have a good level of electrical, electronic, hydraulic and fibre optic (preferably a good level of all but at very least a good electrical or good hydraulic bias).

I realise this course teaches you electronics and hydraulics, but what happens if you do this course and do not get a job in ROVs? Would this qualification count for getting a job onshore, would employers recognise it as a good course to have and offer you a job?

Another way - if you do nationally recognised and accredited qualifications in electrics, electronics, hydraulics etc. these would be recognised not only by the ROV industry but also by all other industries.

Hence if you are spending a lot of time & money on training, ensure that the training will count for not just the ROV industry. There are MANY very qualified and experienced people already trying to get into ROVs and they are struggling.

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