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For many years I have been buying Marine Air Tickets using my Seamans book as it works out much cheaper plus its more flexible and you can carry 2 x 23Kg bags and not just 1 x 23 Kg bag .

However just got my quote from Griffin Marine Travel and found the price to be £300 more than if I go direct and book the ticket online . I have checked the small print and the only difference I can see is with a marine ticket you can have 2 X 23 Kgs bags and a normal Ticket your limited to just 1 .

Its not a few pounds cheaper its over £300 cheaper thats if you book your flight online or am I missing something here are the days of buying cheap marine tickets over .

The Airline , flight Number , Times and Dates are all the same but buying a marine ticket is £300 more .

It could be they only allocate a certain number of Seafarers tickets and they are all gone.

Seafarer tickets are also fully flexible, cancelable right up to check in close, changeable for other times/dates etc.
Hi Ray not sure about the seats not being available but fully understand what you mean but the whole point why I keep my Seamans book current is so I can get cheap airfares plus like you say its more flexible but it was a shock to the system when I checked on the BA web Site and found the same flight , Date same spec cattle class for over £300 GBP cheaper but I am waiting to hear back from BA in case I am missing some thing in the small print .

In fact looking at the prices on the BA Site with this £300 saved I could upgrade to Super Cattle class with a few more inches of leg room , Just waiting to hear back from Griffin if nothing heard I will ring them as the whole point of getting a marine ticket is its price and flexible one more reasons why company's like you to have a Seamans book .

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