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Just seen this online the ad is on Rigzone .

Good Luck

Not sure why sometimes our it on rigzone. For every 8 trained they took on they have about 1500 CVS apply. Fugro have not had to advertise for trainees in agrees as people apply by the bucket load anyway.

Not sure when next intake will be in 2015 given the market.
Yes I found it surprising as well as I think we both know what 2015 going to be like its a strange time to take on trainees .

Where you around Ray in 1986 when we had the last big drop in oil prices ? .
How old do I look, - no, don't answer that lol!

No, I didn't start offshore till '94. However, I bought a house in 1985, and the mortgage was 15%!
Understood Ray , I see that James remembers the 86 recession but its hard to explain to others what it was like .
Many in Aberdeen took there house keys down to the local estate agent since they could no longer pay the mortgage and all the new toys all went and many left the industry .
Jack up Rigs were stacked off Gt Yarmouth and Barges and support vessels were all laid up .I think I got about 3 weeks work the whole year . But if you can hang on to 2016 it will be a good year because like 1987 it was impossible to find crew .

Getting a bit off topic but I have no idea why Fugro are looking for Trainees.
What I'm surprised about is the advert, not the fact trainees being taken on.

We have been having a steady trickle of trainees over the last few years, as it does take a few years to get people up to speed you do need a steady stream of fresh blood.
Well right at the bottom in small print is :-
Due to the volume of applications and the limited positions, Fugro reserves the right to withdraw this vacancy prior to the closing date.

As for next year well its a good time to get some more courses done as every year someone comes out with a new requirement .
Found this link on Fugro's website. It looks like the same on Rigzone.

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