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As I am sure you all agree over the past few months we have seen a very large increase of activity from certain agency's flooding the internet with its requirements , This will not work however it just shows how desperate they are .

As for the agency's sending out all these fake job requirements even there learning since with there requirement they now have a disclaimer .

Due to the fast-paced nature of the industry in which we work, we endeavour to provide our clients’ with the contractor they require in the shortest timeframe possible. We aim to keep our live jobs as up to date as possible however there may be occasions that the job you are viewing is no longer available. For a discussion about currently available roles, please contact us.

The problem by sending out all these fake jobs no body is going to know in the future if its a real job or just one more fake !

Agency staff need more experience on computers as its clear some have no idea when sending out a requirement they send out there full contacts list I think I have over 1500 rov personnel maybe I should start up my agency !

Agency's have been around for a long time and there are some good ones out there , like Hydrosub and PR Offshore these guys have been going a very long time so they must be doing some thing right .The Rov industry is a very small world and news travels fast now days on social media .

But I think 2015 is going to be very slow year with few Rov requirements and the requirements that are there most of it will be staff and not free lance.


I have recently been ‘released’ by one of the large offshore recruitment companies in Europe. Although I found my work at times frustrating, it was actually quite simple but more importantly: profitable.
I thought I would shine a wee bit of light to those who so enjoy dealing with personnel recruiters. I am sure some of you already are aware of our tricks, empty promises and voracious appetite for CV’s but for the uninitiated, this note is for you.
For the past six years I have been making a tidy living off the backs of you. From Pushers to Deckies and all in between, I thank you for you work. I have never been offshore. Never stepped foot on a ship, vessel, platform, helicopter. Why would I? I work(ed) from home and find it quite comfy.
Firstly, we love CV’s. It matters not if you have 25+ years of experience or are fresh from Uni - please send me your CV. The larger our db is, the more we can impress our clients. And, when the company is sold (or acquired) the db is a valuable commodity. Just don’t try to borrow it for your own interests.
There is no standard CV. I have seen them all. Most people cannot write to save their lives, so it is usually entertaining to read CVs. Great insight to ones life. No matter what program, format or style people use, I am only interested in stripping out you name, location, years of experience and your contact details. Your CV is never sent on to the client so do not waste your trying to use fancy fonts, pretty pictures and long winded descriptions of every ship or piece of kit you have worked on – I just need your CV to add to the pile. CV collection milestones means a bonus pay, so please, send me your CV.
We can advertise any job, real or not, on our website. This does not cost anything. - as noted above.
It is now my turn to deal with a recruiter to find another job – how soon the tables do turn.
Best of luck to you all!
Well there you go gentleman straight from the inside .

Many thanks Nicoletta form the inside point of view its some thing that we have known about for some time but I don't think we have a whistleblower from the inside before .

Many Thanks
Like it Smile
I figured it was true. But damn sad.
Kinda like the fact shes sending out resumes now though to be honest.
Yes, payback is a b.....

Thought to mention one more bit about choosing a candidate to put forward. Whomever has lesser (see cheaper) day rate coupled with mobilization cost will get my nod. Let me explain. Two equal CV’s but one gent will require a hire car for an additional 150 quid to get him home / to the airport, sorry.
Clients usually (not always) have set mob rates. I will calc out who will be the cheapest to send. Job in Italy, you live in Greece, equal candidate lives in Houston – guess who makes the difference on the flight cost. Works both ways when someone is needed in GoM. I understand that we have all families to feed and bills to pay but when someone can put an extra tenner in my purse, each day worked, well, hope the contract is for 30 days. “If you lowered your rate by 50 Euro, I can get you in for sure” Another line I cut and paste from my book-o-bravo sierra. Again, best of luck, dog eats dog.
Economics 101 of the Capitalist system we choose to live by.
Nothing new here, move on.
Veni, Vidi, Velcro! (I came, I saw, I stuck around!)
Well one can only hope for a great agency ''cull'' I have been contracting in various industries before I ws in ROV and saw 2 big culls of agencies , there was one in the mid 80s , but the real armageddon was the telecoms boom of the 1990s caused a mushroom of agencies onto the bandwagon my records went from 7 good and 5 marginal agents to 9 good and 53 marginal or downright bad agents in 7 years ,,,,,but when the telecoms boom ...bust in 2002 the number of agencies fell in 18 months to only 9 ,,,it was a rout and a lot of money was lost ,many satff made redundant some agencies moved onto new areas like the parasites they are and others went bankrupt some for £ millions ,,,,

When i look at the lists of agents ,,dealing with ROV work I think there must be over 50 well known ones but only 8 or so a real decent companies another 4 or 5 are OK to deal with and the rest are either just chancers or worse
Nicoletta - If you are for real, then I applaud you. If you're not, then I like your style Wink
Nothing you have written will be news for anyone that has an ounce of nonce, however I bet you're getting a nice warm feeling inside getting some payback Laughing.

Generally speaking ROV'ers are easy prey. Not terribly good at negotiating or Solidarity for example. The newbies so desperate, it's easy pickings.

It's unfortunate, but almost all emails now that come from agencies are now filtered directly to my SPAM box. You know the score, ''We want your CV and expected day rate'' what...since when?
It's supposed to be; You advertise legit job, I show an interest, we work out a deal, you get my credentials, I then apply...job, jobbed.

The root cause is the plethora of apparent teenage IQ'd, baby faced pratts that have not scoobie how to manage people or indeed a company. Notice I didn't mention IV Offshore, but if the cap fits.

As an ROV'er I love trawling through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter looking at some of these neds.
Must admit, though there's some pretty looking gals out there as recruiters...I won't mention names or their plastic surgeons, but they are doing all right mate Wink
I won't mention either about any of lovely looking gals I met at the trade shows from in-depth, IV, FET or UKPS !
How can I resist, but send in a fake CV Shocked and rub my details fast on the phone.

What can you do? Ride it out, it's just a phase.
If only we had an ROV UOnion, it all could have been a whole lot simpler!

But I think 2015 is going to be very slow year with few Rov requirements and the requirements that are there most of it will be staff and not free lance.

How on earth you come to that conclusion? Scaremongery over the price of oil perhaps, or because a few companies pull the plug?
That's normal economics and basic waste management. Don't interpret that as a slowdown. You only have to read some publications to see just how buoyant the market really is.
I was on the kettle!
Very Happy
Spot On T - Boy.
T-Boy wrote:

How on earth you come to that conclusion? Scaremongery over the price of oil perhaps, or because a few companies pull the plug?

Articles from industry news sources perhaps?
2015 work has already been booked.... things won't slow down the way people seem to think.

As for mostly staffers getting the work.. that, more often than not, never turns out to be the case. I've worked through a number of these so called downturns as a day rater. The good day rate guys keep working and have no need to worry. The rest might want to consider other options!
rayshields wrote:
T-Boy wrote:

How on earth you come to that conclusion? Scaremongery over the price of oil perhaps, or because a few companies pull the plug?

Articles from industry news sources perhaps?

Ray, I hear what you say totally however, it does not negate the fact that countries need their Oil and Gas revenue, especially ones where it is their sole income.
As such, our niche industry from my little experience at least, DOES NOT suffer whatsoever.

The 'Gloom and Doom' merely serves as an excuse for unscrupulous people to cash in on the hype, that's all.
I was on the kettle!
I don't think its a case of spreading Gloom and Doom its the facts to hand the price is just going lower and lower and and the main clients are not going to spend out on new projects while the price is this low . In 1986 it went to 9$ a Barrel now its not going to drop to that figure but there was very few Rov projects on the go since this was the case many of the agency's at the time just closed due to lack of demand.

However 1987 the season started good the problem was they could not find the crews since every body had found other work and left the industry.
There will be a large demand for work class guys in China and West Africa so I think if your experienced on FMC , Perry or SMD then yes I think your going to have a busy time but if you just deal with inspection vehicles I think many of these projects will be put on hold until a later date .

Well only a few more weeks to go and we will be in 2015 so we wont have long to wait , The season however will kick off about February , March time and then we shall see .

As for the future for agency's I think many will change or go under .
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