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Hello at all,
For first I introduce myself: I'm 35, I'm Italian and I don't still have a fluent english, so I'm sorry for writing errors.
I read every post, mainly in rookie corner, and every faq on this site but I still haven't found what I'm loocking for (thank you Bono Very Happy ).
Until 2011 I never had particular electrical-electronic-mechanic-hidraulical experiences.
I took a course on 2011 and they released to me a paper in wich they wrote "rov pilot technician grade II". with some luck I did my first job with seaeye cougar, and after a break for personal reasons, I did on April 2014 my second one with seaeye falcon. these experiences let me thought that I don't like Italian working methods. They did not pay very much and accomodations are often under the accepttable. I would like instead to learn something more and to grow, and perhaps to pilot one day a work class.
Placed before that the first step will be to learn a fluent english, these are my questions:

1)do I have a chance that a company could consider my three jobs (I'm actually leaving to the third with Argus system) as enough experience to hire me as a trainee?

2)could be a good Idea to relocate in some city like could be Aberdeen,
to improve my English? (I thought that maybe was better to relocate to a city where many companies have their headquarters.

3)What could you suggest in general for my situation?

thanks a lot to all Razz
I'm fairly new myself. just a year of this under my belt but I gotta say don't apply for trainee slots. That paper you got doesn't mean a thing but I'd Apply for junior tech positions and they'll more than likely throw you into a trainee position. you have 3 hitches under you which shows you don't mind the being gone and have some idea what the work involves.
as far as the english goes. ...
I have no idea. I'd say come to the gulf and develop a cajun accent and you'll be pushed up the chain regardless of skills.
best of luck keep us in the loop on your career.
Ciao mostroaniba,

Mia nos Italiano, mia Inglase...eth, eth, eth, eth Chris Waddle!

Foro your answero belowo:

1) Si

2) Si, but a you becomea sweaty sock voice, non Inglese

3) You think working for Italino company no tray to worka fora Nigerian or a Egyptiana company. Thena you ava problemo. Itliano comapnai es good. Much cafe, vino, benne larfo, muchos jokas. Is alla good. I knowa, becawza I works for Impreesooba, many, many years ago and DNTa.

Muchos grathathathhias,
Amigo T-Boyo

{This was translated using the new improved Beta Google Translatio from English to Italian} Wink
I was on the kettle!
Give a consideration to SAT diving and in particular life support technicians roles. 2015 is going to be tough for ROV trainee roles I would think.

CNS diving in Ravanna and possibly Bourbon DNT Offshore in Ravenna. Language is important and you are still really just getting started, so train up with those guys and get your confidence in english up to scratch?
Talk in anger and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.
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thanks a lot to all.
T boy I know what you mean but is like to prefer a slap rather a kick to the balls...I would like to learn and earn.
I worked for Impresub but I get money 6 months later and I have to call them every day for a month.

I know that rov trainees market is difficult but sat diving is not simple as well. And if I have to be responsible of other lifes (LST) I must have a PERFECT english...It's not my case.

any other suggest?
Buonasera Mostroaniba,

I assume that you have tried Saipem/Sonsub?

Being an Italian company I am sure that you could be an asset to them, if only to spy on the ROV crew, who will invariably be from a native English-speaking country (excluding Brazil of course). Smile

Cynicism aside and considering your stated experience, I would consider you very much a trainee, speaking as a person from a mixed observation/work class background.

I would suggest that you persevere in the Mediterranean/ME regions of the world until you find your feet.

Cin cin,


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