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I've been doing a lot of mechanic from small engine to vehicle to diesel for last three years and currently am studying hydraulic mechanic with hope of working as a hydraulic mechanic in a year or so.

Also I've been wanting to build my own ROV and love to work on anything like remote control drone, boat, etc... So I've been working on those type of electricity thing for a while for fun.

So this got me interested in ROV field. But one thing that have plagued me most of my life is... I'm deaf. It seems like many jobs immediately turn me away for "liability" reason without any good reason.

So... Yeah I'm quite worried about my chance simply because I'm deaf despite of have been working as a mechanic for last few years and building or repairing various remote control stuff for fun.

I'd like to get this out of the way before I start to make any serious move or have any dream... The question is... Will my deafness limit my chance of landing a job with ROV?
Hey Aquarat,

If your deafness is total then I dont think you would be able to pass the hearing test for the offshore medical. You need to be able to hear the alarms etc on board a ship/ rig etc. If there are lifts going on you need to hear the crane alarms as well as anyone shouting at you not to walk under the load.

If its just a partial deafness, then your medical would be down graded accordingly up to a point.

Your best bet is to ask a doctor who is qualified to give OGUK medicals as they will give you the best advice/info. A list can be found here:

Best of luck mate!
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