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I am currently working as an electrician onboard a subsea 7 vessel.

I have been told my name is gettig out forward for the Trainee ROV scheme.

I am really interested and want to succeed in getting a placement.

I am just wondering if anyone can give me any information on what I would be asked in the interview and what kind of questions I should look into for my technical exam.

Any help from recent Trainees would be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
I don't have direct experience of this however, if you are a qualified working electrician then I doubt if there is anything you should be asked that would be out of your scope of knowledge. After all, you are not expected to know about ROV specific electrical/electronic issues at this juncture. That's what the ROV training will assist with.

As long as you have proof of your trade training/experience and know your job, and it's related theory, then you should be fine. I would guess that the interview process will check on your current knowledge and gauge your suitability from that aspect. It wouldn't do you any harm to read up a little on hydraulic systems before hand though.
Hello James

Thanks for the reply mate.

Yeah I dont have much experience at all with Hydraulics but im very keen to get started with them!

Do you have any download files for basic hydraulics which I could relate to on an ROV or anybody else?

Also any information on where I can read up on basic ROV systems and general knowledge of the ROV industry?

That would be much appreciated.

I have of course been in to ROV onboard my ship and they havent really got much on it all.

Best regards

If you look to the top left of the site you will find a search box... I searched for:

'Online Hydraulic course' and it pulled up the following threads:

Try any of the above and they should eventually lead you to a free online course that will help you out on the hydraulics side of things.

James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
I would recommend looking for any hydraulic courses which are done to national standards such as NVQ, SVQ, City & Guilds etc.

These are going to carry a LOT more weight on your CV than a course completion certificate by

Unless all you want is personal knowledge.
if you're working on a Subsea 7, you could always ask the ROV guys onboard for info to help.

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