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Hi All.

I first want to thank the ROVWorld Owners/Moderators for approving my account.

This post is basically just saying Hello to everyone and also a Quick introduction of myself and showing my presence on this forum.

I am new to ROV's, I did the training before even knowing that RovWorld exists. I finished the course in South Africa at Maritime Solutions, I got the Cert that actually means I have had the Introduction to ROV's and got the Label that by many is considered useless as ROV Pilot/Tech II.

Obviously I will now be looking for that first job as a 'Trainee' even tough I would think in many things regarding the ROV Im not as 'Trainee' Quality as most of the experienced guy's might think.

I have years and years of experience in the Information Technology field much more advanced than most ROV systems. I must say that the Systems like AUV's seems like amazing vehicles.

I have a passion for Technology and Electronics, and this was one thing that Inspired me to pursue a career in the ROV world. While Im still part time studying Electronic Technology and Engineering.

ROV's to me is the future and getting involved now will let me witness everything from what it is now to someday when ROV's won't need Tethers/Umbilicals. To the RC - ROV's and maybe the Merge of AUV's and ROV's . Deeper diving ROV's that can go to the deepest ends and overcoming the warm water deep under the sea completing Jobs and Things that is not even thought about in today's life.

The future will only grow a lot with ROV's where with Divers there is so much limitations and it will ultimately in the future be completely replaced with ROV's.

Lot of the guy's that was on training with me at Marine Solutions was there because of the fun Flying the ROV. To be Honest I enjoyed working on the ROV much more seeing what I have done and fixed and finding faults and testing how it goes in the water after making some modifications, this is the fun part for me. The flying is only fun if the machine goes the way I want it to go, and that tuning and working on it was really what I found to be Fun.

But as I said, Im new to the ROV Industry, but I belief that with time I will have a lasting effect on ROV's and the industry in the future even though I am still to find that first Job, that first Break that everyone is looking for.

ROVWorld Forums seem to be very quiet recently. But I hope that it will change in the future and who know's, maybe we can get an inventive section or an ROV Improvements section here in the future.

Hope that I can Contribute a lot to the guy's and gals here.
Also feel free to pm me, im open to talk about anything Technology.('Laughing')

I will monitor the forum for any new positions etc so if you or somebody that knows somebody come to hear about new placements etc , please post it on ROVWorld and Im sure I will find it.

Hope you all are enjoying your time at Sea. I might see you there sooner then later.

Cheers All.

You can do anything you set your mind to man!!
Hi there BullseyeTNT

Its pleasant to see more South Africans becoming aware of this informational site. Take as much as you can from here, the amount of contacts you can gain from this site adds up to a long list. Mail all the agencies and companies you can find, put yourself out there as much as possible. You are now searching on a international level, somewhere in the world there will be someone who is looking for someone like yourself to shape into a company asset.

That course from Marine Solutions does not really guarantee you anything in the way of a job, despite the HUGE amount of money you paid to do the course. Its really a shame, I wish I knew what I know now. If that same amount of money was invested in electrical and hydraulic studies then your chances would have increased to getting employed as a trainee in a big company. I made the same mistake (I believe).

Be careful of the companies based in South Africa, they will screw you big time when it comes to pay, all money hungry pigs. You find yourself on a ROV job with other pilots getting x13/+ more pay than what you're getting paid.

Do a search on all the big international companies ROV & Survey companies, apply for their trainee positions, even if you are employed as a technician at first just to get your foot in the door, to get that offshore experience behind your name means allot.

We are unfortunate on the VISA dilemma, it limits your opportunities.

I've been working offshore for about 3 years with very little ROV hours to show for it, just over 200h.

Are you a ex employee from DeBeers? I know they have sent plenty of guys through the Marine Solutions ROV training, and they have regular operational AUV's running.

Send me a message on here and we can have a chat, would be interesting.

Oh, ye great mysterious - Thousand leagues of blue
No one knows which mysteries are hidden beneath your surface
Hi There chaps, good to hear from fellow Saffers.
I have done a ROV course overseas and have a lot of technical experience.
Based in PE, I have spoken to some of the SA operators.
where are you guys based, I would like to have a chat sometime, Please Pm me contact details, Sea Crow.
Hello boys and girls, greetings from Benoni!
Just checking in as a fellow Saffer looking to get offshore somehow. I am a toolmaker, with varied experience from machining to scaffolding to driving trains up mountains. I am prepared to take any offshore work, just to get a foot in the door.

Anyone want to chat, lets hear it, anyone got tips or hints, lets hear it.

Stay well All
BullseyeTNT wrote:
The future will only grow a lot with ROV's where with Divers there is so much limitations and it will ultimately in the future be completely replaced with ROV's.

Don't get too carried way. ROVs will never replace divers completely.

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