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Not ONE, but TWO ROV Supervisors 'were not competent for the task in hand', says this IMCA Safety Flash. Shocked

See: Page 4 - Near Miss: Collapse of ROV Launch & Recovery System (LARS)

IMCA Safety Flash 11/14 - July 2014

Makes you wonder what the rest of their competency assessments where like? Rolling Eyes

Anyone know what company employs these guys? Confused
The supervisor removed all the securing bolts from the feet of both the hydraulic rams, believing the system would gently slide down into the stowage position.

Oh dear god, lol!
Not surprised in the slightest.

In my experience, I would say more than 75% of people offshore claiming to be 'Pilot Techs', 'Sub Eng', 'Supv' and 'Supt' are not competent in their position/ role and should be one or two grades lower. In some cases they shouldn't even be offshore.

These guys will continue to work as agency or company superstars since there is no regulation of these IMCA listed 'roles'.

Reminds me of a certain company in the UAE Smile
6 of us planning on mobbing up a system whereby we were told by a Base manager that we were not qualified or experienced to rig out the LARS
( We are but we thought Okay we'll just stay in the shade drink tea and watch Very Happy )
Obviuosly trying to prove he was superior in knowledge ............ Typical [banned word] for that country he was born in Very Happy
The Base Manager and his 'Minions' then proceeded to 'Twist' the A-Frame out of shape .................. Well and truly Very Happy
There was alot of Yallering screaming Laughing
No one was hurt .................. and we thought it very funny Laughing
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !

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