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Seeing more and more age restrictions in ROV these days. A few noted:

'Must be younger than 30' (staff position)
'Must not be over 45' (contractor positions)
'Must not be over 60' (contractor positions)

Curious I contacted the later two companies and queried this. The first one said they had older contractors who refused/could not climd around subsea equipment for maintenance or repairs as per their job description. The second one said 'all the senior ones ( contractors) turned out to be disasters to their vessels' Laughing

Thankfully I have a few years to go Smile

Hi K2

Well I am over 60 and I do know a few others who are well over 65 but we are talking about Superintendents and Supervisors .

I can only speak as I find COOEC in China will only take people now I understand up to 45 before it used to be 60 .

BSP in Brunei the max age was 55 but they seem to change the age limit to suit them selfs as many of the CSRs were well over 60 .

I think in the Middle East Qatar Petroleum Max age is 60 not sure about the others as many wont even talk about it .

I saw a staff job in Egypt were the max age I think was 28 so I hate to think whats going to happen in the future .

Its funny Trainees cant get in because they don't have the experience but the guys who have the experience are told " Sorry your to old "

But there are still many company's that will still accept you well over 60 so I think the 60+ people out there are still safe for a few more years to come .

I got an offer a few months back for work in Angola. In the appllication cover there was one item of note : "Angola does not issue work permits for anyone over 60".
I really dont see why you should be working offshore anywhere after 60 or 55 for that matter. What have done with your money? Been to Phillipines or Indonesia far too many times I guess. Blew it all off on them horny, what do they call them, guys trying to be girls?

I'm more concerned with the 'under 30' statement.

I saw that just as I was signing up for my BOSIET.

anyways, went ahead.

I also got to interpret "rebreather" in Scottish Wink

In the UK it is illegal to discriminate against someone due to their age. Therefore it would be illegal for any company to state in an advert that a staff member must be "under 30".

Maybe Contractors might be different.
Great, thanks Ray Smile
All well and good but if you restrict yourself to UK companies you are exposing yourself to lower rates, taxes, NI and will be limiting yourself to a very small part of the ROV industry market. It is a big world out there with great opportunities. I would still go for any appealing job even if an age restriction is mentioned, reputation is a contractors trump card besides, don't ask don't get.


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