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Hello everybody!

My name is Dan. Pleased to meet you.
I'm new to the ROV world and I'm wondering if some of you can answer some questions I have about ROV simulators:

What kind of ROV simulators are there out there?
Are there any simulators I can run at home on my PC to practice in my own time?
What kind of simulators have people used on training courses etc?
Has anyone seen any virtual reality ROV simulators?

I hope someone can answer my questions.

Hello Dan,

Personally i have assembled couple of virtual reality Simulators for Oceaneering but they require specific high end computer with Nvidia graphic card and output of that computer connects to video splitter which splits signal to different screens to create different camera views.
There are preloaded missions for an example to recover AX ring but i have never seen or installed any ROV simulator on PC or laptop.
Thank's so much for replying.
Wow, your certainly the right person to talk to then.
Which systems have you set up? Do you have any links?
Also how beneficial do you think a simulator setup would be for a new ROV student?
On training courses; How much theory study etc do you normally have to do before they will let you near the controls of a real ROV?

I've noticed a lot of VR headsets coming out recently, such as the oculus rift. Has anyone seen anything using that? Spacial awareness is a lot easier to grasp in the rift (I've tried it out), it seems something using that would be pretty useful for developing a subconscious sense of the scale of the ROV; to avoid accidently bumping into things.

Sorry for all the questions and forgive my ignorance, I'm quite new to this.


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