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Hi everyone,

I´m totally new to the ROV world, though I´m very interested and excited about that kind of work. So I´m very happy I did found a place stuffed with that much information from real people like this forum. But even by reading thru the FAQ section and a lot of posts I did not find all the answers I was looking for, so I´m hoping to get some real and honest opinions suited to my personal situation.
I know the answer if I would point that to any company selling rov trainings for 20k USD for 14 days. So I´m hoping for some real advice from people knowing the job situation.

I do understand that you need to be a technical skilled person to enter the rov world and that it takes a lot of experience to get the big jobs. I do also understand that electrical and mechanical skills are important, but I´m not sure if that means that you need any official degree. And I´m not sure about a good age to get involved in offshore industry.

So here is my situation. I´m 36 years old and considered as technical skilled with a fast ability to adjust to new situations and improvising solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in professional sound, video, staging and lighting industry I´m very skilled in many different regions related to electrics, mechanics of camera and moving light system, rigging and stage automation. Since more than 5 years now I´m the head of tech support for a company manufacturing real time video playback systems. So my work also includes computer hard and software.
As the whole TV and entertainment industry is very strong related to sharp deadlines I´m also very used to work in tough time situations with a lot of pressure on my back. This also gives me the ability to find and solve technical errors very fast and effective.
Beside that business I´m also a recreational dive instructor, underwater video- and photographer. So I´m also used to underwater camera and lighting gear.
Plus the fact that I spend 200+ nights in hotel rooms last year all around the globe, I´m also quite used to traveling. Living and working on a boat is also not new for me as I was working on a Thailand based Liveaboard Dive Operation for 3 years.

But, beside all that practical on job experience I never gained any degree in electronics or mechanics. All of my technical skilles are either self teached, or gained as on site job experiene.

The last weeks I was kind of arguing with myself about my pros and cons related to rov work but I could not get a result. Is there a real chance for someone like me to get some doors opened in this business.
Now I´m hoping to get some serious and honest answers.

Thanks you all in advance and best regards

Hi Patrick

Firstly thanks for actually taking the time to read up on here rather than diving right in with the usual 'Give me an ROV job and all your contacts' type post!

It sounds to me like you have far more of a chance of making it than many that pop up on here. It's not all about being able to present degrees on fancy paper. If you have relevant hands on experience, as you say you do, then you'll fit in fine IMHO.

Try getting some interviews with ROV companies and see what they have to say.

Good luck Thumb Up

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