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Hi All,

I am a qualified (time served) Electronics Servicing Engineer, turned Teacher of Physics and Engineering with over 25 years experience, and am really keen on a career move iinto the ROV industry. I also have a Zoology Degree and Masters in Ecology (Chemical Oceanaography etc). Do I really have a chance getting into the industry or do I need to do other courses first?


Please read through the other messages on here in the Rookie section, "how do I get a start in ROVs" has been discussed many times over.

I assume you have been a teacher for a long time after your time served service engineer therefore it would be assumed that your skill in this area is somewhat out of date. I would not mention the Zoology Degree at all on your CV.

I would say there are many others out there who are much more recent with technical skills and qualifications who would stand a much better chance of getting a job than you at present.

If you are interested in ROVs I would spend time updating your technical qualifications or getting a job which involves actual maintenance or repairs on equipment. I would also recommend updating skills regarding fibre optics and computer networking as more and more all ROVs are increasingly hubs, IP addresses and networks.
Thanks for that, yep my CV is complicated. I originally completed a City and Guilds Electronics Servicing Course/ Apprenticeship and worked as an Engineer for 10 years. I have been a Physics A-Level/BTEC Level 2 Engineering teacher for the last few years and been a Teacher for the last 7 years in total, before that I worked as a postgraduate pioneering the development archival heartrate monitiors to be used on animals. We managed to develop the smallest in the world etc etc., we eventually put them onto penguins and were in the process of integrating GPS transponders, so I do have some recent experience. Do you think I should do a few HNC modules i.e, Mechatronics or book a course at Fortwilliam?

Hey Jim,

With all that experience and skill why on earth would you want to try to get into rov? There is far better work around that pays better and leaves you with more time for the family etc, etc.

If thats what you want though, good luck, I hope it works out for you.


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HNC module level would be the correct level, Degrees are too much and do not really help teach you to solder etc. which is what you are required to do with ROVs!

Please read through the forum on discussions regarding Training Schools. They are not mandatory, there is no such thing as an official ROV qualification, generally people are taken on for their rtechnical ability and learn about ROVs on the job. The Training Schools can only offer a "taster" of ROVs, and it is up to an individual to work out of they feel it is value for money - many feel it is not.

But either way be aware you are trying to get into a very competitive industry. One batch of 8 trainees we took on had 1400 people apply.
Hi JimG,

Very academic background!

I would suggest wangling your way way towards a marine research institution wherein ROV's may be used.

There is little use for you in the real world at the moment!Wink

Cheers etc

As above.... I feel your skills will be under-utilised offshore in the oil & gas game. You'd likely be better working with a marine institute or similar which makes use of ROV,s.

That having been said, if you are looking for a total (less academic) change with fair renumeration then it might be worth a shot.
James Mc
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Thanks for that Guys, Yep I have done all the academic stuff but my practical vocational side is calling me again. I have a passion for all things marine and am on the crew of my local RNLI Lifeboat, as well as being a diving instructor and internationally recognised underwater wreck photographer (my last image was used on the front cover of DIVER Magazine Dec 13). I know I have the skills and right attitude, just need to get the opportunity to show it I suppose.

Should I do the HNC?

Thanks again

Hi Jim,

An HNC would help for sure, but in my opinion your background should give you some chance, unless your tech skills have evaporated, and I don't think it's the case...

Just try to highlight your tech experience and the practical side while minimizing your academic side, which doesn't give you extra points as you can see by comments above.

Good luck,


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