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Hello all,
I am looking for some advice regarding ROV pilot/technician work. I am chief engineer of a large motor yacht. I am fortunate to have a rotation which sees me have 6 months leave spread across the year.

The yacht I work on has a Sea Eye Falcon ROV - as a toy really. I had a go with it recently and really enjoyed setting it up and flying it. I am a keen technical scuba diver so anything underwater I am fascinated with.

I am considering whether or not I could use my time off to work towards gaining experience in the ROV industry.

I don’t know if short contractual work exists out there, or whether the positions are generally full time?

I think with my engineering experience and my passion for all things underwater, I could really enjoy getting into something like this.

I’m also considering doing a pilot technician course to help me get some experience.

To be quite honest, I’d even initially work for free if it meant I got some experience.

Could anybody give any advice as to whether it’s worth pursuing this idea or am I just dreaming up something in my head?

Positive and negative (as long as they're polite!) comments are welcome!

1. Yes, it's worth doing but probably not as lucrative as being Chief Engineer on a private yacht!

2. It's not worth wasting money on a course particularly if you already have a trade (in your case marine engineering) background

3. Most ROV work in my experience is short-term contract, there are salaried positions in the GOM and North Sea but I believe that most people globally work on a per diem or "day-rate" basis

4. I would strongly discourage anyone from "working for free" not only does it undermine our industry (very bad) but if you're not a "paid" employee are you covered if you are injured, if you damage someone else's property, if you injure someone else?

Enjoy the Falcon...

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