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ROV Seabotix LBV150 2013 in Western Australia

New price 27000 + GST

Images here

40 Hrs Run

email to or phone 0439977160

Ported to accept USBL, sonar ect.


LBV vehicle depth rated to 150 MSW - 500 FSW
Four (4) HPDC1502 Brushless DC thrusters (2 forward, 1 vertical and 1 lateral)
Auto heading, depth and trim
Video overlay
Temperature sensor

Integrated Control System

Protective case fitted with monitor, surface power supply and operator control unit
38 cm (15 in) Color LCD monitor fitted in lid of case - waterproof
LBV operator control unit - removable from lower tray of integrated console
Surface power supply with input voltage 100-130 VAC or 200-240 VAC (user selectable). 50/60hz
Sunshade for direct sunlight operation
Outputs for composite video and software programming


150 meters - 500 feet of tether
8.9 mm - 0.35 in diameter
All copper conductors
100 kg f - 100 ft/lb working load
700 kg f - 700 ft/lb breaking strain
Connectors and strain relief

Cameras & Lighting

680 line hgih resolution color
700 Lumen LED array tracking color camera
180 degree rotating camera chassis
270 degree field of view
Auxiliary connector for external camera

Transit Cases

Transit case for LBV and spares kit with custom closed cell foam, retractable handle and wheels
Transit case for tether, integrated console, spare thruster and manuals also with retractable handle and wheels
Total two case solution weighing 58.5 kg - 129 lbs

Spares, Tools & Manuals

Spare thruster assembly
Fasteners, seal kit, props, misc. spares
Tool kit
Vacuum pump
Operators manual

All information can be found here[img][/img][img][/img]

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