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Hi firstly I would like to introduce myself to this forum, Im currently employed in the Royal Marines and leaving the service in June 2014 having done over 5 years of service.

I am potentially interested in a career as an ROV Pilot/Technician, I have searched the forum on the topic company "Subnet Services" and a lot of the information seems to be old information from a few years ago and I am wondering if the above company are a decent company and the course they offer a worthwhile package which is run in the Philippines? A lot of the old messages on the forum is negative information stating to stay away from doing an ROV course with this company but I am after some updated information from anyone who may have done the course or knows someone who has or even if you know anything about the company and there training?

I have spoken with them on the phone and the 7 week package for someone with no prior electrical or engineering background the course costs just over $10000 which is a lot cheaper than the course in Fort William at the underwater centre.
Any info anyone could give would be much appreciated.

Its a lot cheaper because it is not worth the paper they print.

If you do not come from a technical background, doing ANY ROV Introduction course is not going to help. we already have thousands of fully qualified people chasing a handful of ROV Trainee positions and they are struggling to get jobs.

There is no such thing as an agreed qualification in ROVs, despite what any Training School may try and say. I could set up a training school tomorrow and charge you $9999, and give you a piece of paper at the end of it. It would be worth just as much.

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